Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dinner with Friends...

Life will always keep one busy, even if we feel it’s going nowhere, or we are frustrated with the tedium or plain simply jaded. Hours zoom, days fly by, and in matter of no time you’re on the other side of an uncomfortable age (at present 25 seems to be that age).We try to stave off the routine, the dull hours and days, and we realize the practice is pointless.
So when I got back the other night after a wonderful dinner with my closest friends, I realized it is indeed possible to still time, to slow it down.
Friends, they are good time turners, time stoppers. You go back being the 13 year old you were, laughing silly, teasing, bickering and even exposing shades of a former self you thought time had expunged. One more astonishing thing I appreciate is they make the present too look hopeful and the future not too grim.. for those few hours.
I’m lucky to have a wonderful bunch, and every time I need time to still, I go out for a dinner with my closest friends.


Ruchika said...

I know what u mean :)

It is so important to have u guys around! I am sooo coming back! There are times my life feels so empty...and u tend to cling on to people around you. I love my peeps here... but u guys are a part of my growing up..! I dont wannaa make that personal choice of living away from the ones who have made me who i am today :)We always are complaining... always are dwelling in the "what ifs" . But is it that wrong to want EVERYTHING!!!!

Tanushree said...

Well ruch my love.. it is definitely better than wanting the starsss..
wait..does everyhing comprise that too..??