Sunday, April 18, 2010


Helloooooooooo readers..

Yes Yes.. I am being sarcastic.. Recently I discovered that my sarcasm is lost on so many that I find it important to point it out specifically.

I wish I could converse with people with Cue cards.I speak holding a cue card -- interpret --Sarci, please respond appropriately in a robot voice…Stop > ..

Well a lot has happened, and a lot remains to unfold. I got a new job, a new hair cut --spent a bomb on my hair which looks just the same as before, I have gained some weight , I have practically given up on staying fit , I have read a million books --Gabriel Garcia Marquez --rockss!! , I have started using ‘ROCKS!!’ a wee bit too often. It seems I am getting younger -- have had an attack of the ACNE -- last time I had it was when I was 18.. I'm being hopeful here. My social life has been engaging—some what, which is extremely amusing.

My Existential crisis has definitely surpassed Hamlets.

I went home and back. I am finally over cup cakes, but I am back to the donut frenzy. I have thirty three brilliant ideas a day, it is an up from twenty. I managed to finish some of my self 'inflicted' writing assignments and I came up with a new word -- Beeverful --can be used as noun, adjective and even a verb --- Beevy, beeverful, Beevandom , it also has an antonym—add suffix ‘UN’ to all.

And now that I have a ten hour a day job, my mind is swimming with ideas of what I could be doing otherwise –quirky things to write on, Capoeira, Yoga, Photography classes, teaching Sabina . Writing like this on Monday 2 am … ahh yes, I got a job. I am amazed at my innate ability to spin my life into these constant tedious circles ever so often.


Well, I have decided to become a slacktivist. It was a difficult decision, because a strident announcement of allegiance to a pledge of fulfillment of an exercise of much magnitude and negligible effect needs a sturdy commitment. But to be honest I realized soon enough, a bit too soon that I wasn’t being very modest. There’s no one who really cares… Helloo ello loo o <>.

I have always have had opinions, judgments and point of views.

To be able to read the paper in peace (a dedicated 2.5 hours) with a good cup of coffee -- as a part of my daily routine – forms a part of my daily prayer to the lord above everyday. And I spent a good part of the day being upset over the certain and very many news pieces I read.

News has always affected me; it makes me think and wonder about the world I live in. It is not a deliberate effort but it is an unconscious element of my being and as with most around -- Crash cart --CLEAR --Mediocrity beckons--bichick. But it is etched deeper than thou . And with my new job, crowded hours -- suddenly the urge to write even more so has quadrupled. .

It is not a new found awareness that I accidently came upon at an 'about time' age. I never really found the need to write about certain things – you talk about it, ponder and maybe tweet two lines. But I wish to take my slacktivist alter ego to the next level –she doesn’t have a name…only this title.

The above rant was an almost necessary preliminary.


Ruki said...

But But you already are a slacktivist - with all the status updates, tweets joining facebook groups to petition against Ruchika, saving dolphin massacre,saving tigers.

You could be Sasha the slacktivist.

suveerb said...

don't you mean prefix?
you're hilarious...

Tanushree said...

nope..My rules.. :)

Tanushree said...

@ruki... Slacktivism on blogs takes more effort..hence the hoohaa..

Himali said...

I do hope you stick to it ;)
and congrats for the new job...i am sure its better than Patni's run of a mill :(