Sunday, September 4, 2011

Boston Musings (2)

It has been little more than three weeks here in the United states of America.. and surprisingly I am not keeping a track of the days that seem to just gush by .I find myself riding high on emotions and wonderment. This is the farthest I have been from home, the first time outside my country… slightly overwhelmed, nervous, hopeful and truly excited. It is a whole load of mixed emotions and to add to that all this rain.
In Mumbai one is so used to scowling while walking through crowded streets that it took me a while to upturn the laugh lines … I am pretty sure I surprised a few well meaning Bostonians who greeted me with warm smiles and received a look of incredulity . But now all I do is smile and nod and hold doors. I still haven’t been able to order a good cup of coffee at Starbucks and seriously plan to just sit next to the counter and take notes. I cannot seem to stop hogging on the Dunkin Donuts egg and cheese sandwich (so cheap!!)  even though my denims feel slightly tighter than usual.I did not like the Donuts though, too sweet. The muffins are always soft, no matter where you buy them from but oh my god, what is with all the Sugar in the food ....  Had my first ever fresh blueberries few days ago, have already bought box number three and the Strawberries taste way sweeter than any that I have eaten before. Too much bread in my diet and so much meat... gotta cut down ... sigh. Tried this Mexican dish called Gumbo, which is pretty much Rajma chawal with cheese. 
I find myself putting on a fake accent once in a while, it happens so unconsciously that I realize only after a while that I am doing it, need to be more aware and careful about that. But I really want to learn to at least roll my Rs and speak slowly . I walk a million miles, and not a drop of sweat. Yep yep , I walk a million miles, the city is indeed so lovely. I love the fact that most Americans insist it is still summer and wear the loveliest summer dresses, even though I feel oh so chilly and wrap myself up. But then when one is from Bombay, the only two seasons one is acquainted with are the summer and the rains. I really have no concept of winters and I already feel so cold. The traffic seems so disciplined, nobody honks , have I mentioned the warm smiles around. And so many Indians everywhere. 
Yes, of course the central heating et all is impressive, but it is slightly unsettling when you realize the amount of energy consumed by each household here. 

Everything I buy makes me sweat, for no matter how hard I try, my mind automatically calculates the rupees spent, only time I seem to sweat in the lovely Boston weather. 

Classes begins in two days, can’t wait to swirl in the BACK TO SCHOOL feeling. The days are packed. 


suveerb said...

Awesome as usual. So vivid, almost like I'm there... love this post and the Calvin & Hobbes reference...

Tanushree said...

I'm glad you caught on the Calvin reference... and thank you for reading.. :)